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About SMI

Why choose our services?

Sometimes finding a great search partner is as difficult as finding great talent.  Why do insurance companies trust in SMI?  Reliability, knowledge and over five decades of combined recruiting experience is a great start.  Specialization is also important.  Our candidate relationships match precisely to your needs and we build them on a daily basis.  Whether it's a Technology Underwriter, a Boiler & Machinery Loss Control Manager, a Nurse Consultant or a Construction CUO, SMI only targets a very refined, specific P&C candidate pool.     

Our Background

The SMI management team has over fifty years of combined business insurance, agency search firm and corporate talent acquisition experience.  Regardless of your companies niche, the rarity of the skill set or searching within the most difficult U.S. geographic locations, SMI has encountered it before and will have a solution to help you.  From a talent perspective, we do what you do and always have!  Having a mutual specialization is invaluable for all business partnerships, particularly search partnerships.           

Our obligation

SMI will provide the utmost in client and candidate experience.  We are committed to long-term, trusting relationships.  We will only bring you top-notch, thoroughly screened and qualified candidates, that also match your particular culture.  We value our impeccable reputation within the insurance search industry and will never compromise that.  We will stand by our placements and ensure that you are completely satisfied, within the parameters of our agreement.  Our candidates will be treated ethically, respectfully and professionally.  

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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