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Whether you are just wanting to stay informed or a highly motivated candidate ready to make your next career choice, establishing a long-term relationship with SMI is a smart choice!  As a busy insurance professional with everyday business demands, it can be a challenge to stay up-to-speed with a frenzied job market.   As the with all dynamic industries, insurance will always be in a state of continuous change.  To balance this, SMI will guide you to the most exciting opportunities and at the same time, provide you with expert advice, that can be vital to maximizing YOUR career success! 

With something as important as your own career, why go-it-alone?  Managing your career should be as important as handling your personal finances or selling your home.  You have worked hard to establish your reputation and individual brand.  Your career warrants more than just a posting on a job board or sending your confidential resume out aimlessly.  Partner with a trusted advisor who can offer you the invaluable insight and support you deserve.  Trust SMI and take comfort that we have assisted countless insurance professionals with their career searches.  When the time comes, we will have the right guidance for you! 


"The SMI team knows insurance inside and out!  Having a solid understanding of the industry YOU work in is invaluable, especially when it's time to make a change.  They will work to get to know you and understand your fit - organizational fit, career fit, and cultural fit.  It's not about just finding you the next job when you work with SMI."      

Account Executive, Construction Bond & Surety 

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"SMI takes a very professional approach to your search.  I was impressed with their understanding of my skill-set and recommending which organizations might best suit me.  Most importantly, they took the time to develop a relationship with me long before I was looking for a change.  Changing employers was a major deal for me.  I was thankful to have experienced professionals that I trust, to guide me along the way."      

Assistant Vice President, Commercial Claim Operations 

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